Ways Tobacco Messes up with your Looks

Ways Tobacco Messes up with your Looks

It is a known fact that using tobacco affects your appearance to a great extent; additionally it also makes your brain, lungs and even sex life miserable. Let’s be honest with yourself, if after taking a single puff of smoke, the effects of it on your skin were to be evident, we would have kicked off this habit immediately. But the fact that it is a gradual and slow process makes us quite patient with this temporary pleasure. Check out how using tobacco affects your outer beauty;

  • Baggy under eyes

Well, who likes it when they do not get enough sleep and then it starts showing on their face. People using tobacco are studied to be restless and lack good night sleep. So naturally when you experience nicotine withdrawal at night you lack shut-eye, and it makes you turn and toss. This is when you wake up with baggy under eyes and even dark circles for that matter.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition that is related to the skin and can happen to a non-smoker as well. However, for people who use tobacco; increase their chances of this disease to a great level. According to the study done in the year 2007, if someone smokes a pack on a daily basis for almost 10 years, then the risk of it increases to 20%. If taken for 20 years, then the risk is 60% higher,

  • Icky teeth

Everyone wants Hollywood like set of dazzling choppers, don’t they? And the person addicted to tobacco can kiss this dream away forever. The nicotine in the cigarette stains your teeth giving you a very yellowish smile, which would be such a turn off for someone who doesn’t smoke. Also, why spend so much on the teeth whitening process?

  • Premature wrinkles and ageing

Wrinkles could be anything but acceptable when appears at a young age. It is such a wise decision to give up tobacco, solely for this reason. Experts say that smokers look 1.5 years much older to non-smokers, as the tobacco hampers the supply of blood to skin tissues which then fails to keep the skin healthy and supple.

  • Yellow fingers

First the yellow teeth and now the fingers! It notoriously affects your nails and fingers. If you look up for ways to get rid of that colour then you might come across with solutions that involve bleach, lemon juice and even steel wool scrub-ouch. Isn’t it less painful and easier to quit.

  • Hair thinning

The study states that toxic chemicals of tobacco damages the DNA present in the hair follicles and also generate the free radicals damaging cells. What’s the consequence? Grey and thinner hair! The risk of getting bald also goes up!

  • Natural glow ceases to exist

The gray appearance, gauntness, wrinkles etc starts becoming quite evident after a while, as the oxygen in the body is replaced by carbon monoxide which in turn decreases the blood flow leading to discoloured and dry skin. Tobacco also depletes nutrients like vitamin C, which helps in repairing and protecting skin damage.

Other disadvantages of smoking also include, warts, flabby tummy, stretch marks, cataracts, scarring and more. So you know what’s better!