Why People Are Likely To Expect To See More And More People Vaping In Music Videos, In Television Shows, And In Movies

What some clever people out there may have noticed when they sit down to enjoy some screen time after work is that they are seeing more and more people in film using devices such as e-cigs. This can sometimes be slightly jarring at first because it is such a new hobby which means that many people aren’t used to seeing other people doing this. But like anything in life once people see someone doing things a few times they will eventually get used to it and it won’t catch their eye anymore.

It is very interesting to think about how things have changed over the centuries and the different vices that humans have had throughout the years and what they currently have. For many, they will look at things from an anthropological perspective and will find themselves putting a lot of thought into subjects such as this one. So, for those curious people out there, here is a look at why people are likely to expect to see more and more people using e-cigarette online, in music videos, in television shows, and in movies.


People are likely to expect to see more and more people vaping in music videos, in television shows, and in movies because more and more people are doing this in real life

man while using vape

Ask people will well know, when they watch a video, television series, or movie, they usually sitting down to watch a depiction of real life. So, for films that are based in current times this means that they’re going to have to include things that people do in this day in age. And one of the many things that people do in this day and age is vape on a regular basis.

Furthermore, there are certain people who are more likely to vape and this might be people who enjoy skating so someone is looking to make a movie about skating the chances are that there will also be someone using an e-cigarette in the film. This is also the case when it comes to music videos as a lot of music videos will be looking to go out and simply film people gorilla style. This means that they will capture people in their natural habitat and will also capture them doing the things that they just naturally do.


People are likely to expect to see more and more people vaping in music videos, in television shows, and in movies because the smoke can often offer a cool effect

For anyone out there who is worked in the film industry, they will know all too well that they have to go about creating an edge to make it look great. This can often be a really fun task because people get to play around with different types of accessories that will help create cool effects. For example, some people will use different lenses that will create different effects such as wide angle lenses or fish eye lenses.

And then there is some I would like to shoot at different times of the day because the different lighting will create a different mood and feel overall. And when directors are experimenting, they may find that the smoke from the vape can often offer a cool effect which is super easy to create. As this is the case, this is another reason why people are very likely to expect to see more and more people vaping online, in music videos, in television shows, and in movies.

Tips on How to Talk and Discourage Children from Smoking Tobacco

Tips on How to Talk and Discourage Children from Smoking Tobacco

Smoking is very well glamorized in tv shows, online and even in movies. Leaving no choice for children but get attracted to it. However the biggest influence a child must have should be of his/her parents. Follow these tips to protect them;

  • Be honest with your child and straight forwardly tell them that you do not want them around cigarettes or even be near to e-cigarettes like (juuling and vaping), or make use of any different kind of tobacco. Speak to them about the products that include nicotine so that they are well aware before hand and if in case they are ever unsure about anything then encourages them to ask.
  • It is better if you take this responsibility of teaching your child around the age of 5 to 6, and continue doing it till they reach high school. Most of the kids put their hand at tobacco by age 11, while many are already addicted by 14. Make them learn about its unpleasant physical effects and dangers like discoloured nails and teeth, bad breath etc.
  • Youth today are making use of e-cigarettes at an alarming speed. Just the mere joy of doing so is increasing them in number. Youth are getting addicted to e-cigarettes as compared to combustible cigarettes.
  • You don’t give them the reason to get drawn to such a thing, that said, never allow yourself to smoke in front of them ever.
  • Try establishing a policy at your home that is smoke-free. Don’t let your friends or relatives smoke or drink indoors.
  • Be sure that your kids attend smoke-free events
  • Schools that are tobacco free must be supported and tobacco prevention education must be insisted.
  • Keep a check if your kids are interacting with anyone who smokes vape or e-cigarettes and make them cautious about how not to accept it.
  • If in case you ever come across your child indulging in this habit, avoid giving ultimatums or threats. Ask them politely on why they decided to go ahead with something like this, and ask them about the changes that can be done in order for them to avoid it.
  • Make them understand that how tobacco industry spends immense amount of money to attract its customers, and make them as appealing as possible. They have also aggressively started marketing e-cigarettes to the younger generation. Flavours of e-cigarettes like gummy bears and bubble gum attract the youth. Let your child know that how they are manipulated and targeted by these tobacco companies. Giving such knowledge can help them understand things better and might motivate them for not continuing this act.
  • Encourage physical and sport activities for your family.
  • Never ask them to even buy it for anyone else.
  • Tell them how their fitness level will also take a backseat once they start doing so.
  • Besides, explain to them on how all the money could be saved instead for other joyful activities and buying of clothes, books etc
  • Tell them that you have made a lot of effort on inculcating certain values in them, so they must dishonour it in this manner.
Ways Tobacco Messes up with your Looks

Ways Tobacco Messes up with your Looks

It is a known fact that using tobacco affects your appearance to a great extent; additionally it also makes your brain, lungs and even sex life miserable. Let’s be honest with yourself, if after taking a single puff of smoke, the effects of it on your skin were to be evident, we would have kicked off this habit immediately. But the fact that it is a gradual and slow process makes us quite patient with this temporary pleasure. Check out how using tobacco affects your outer beauty;

  • Baggy under eyes

Well, who likes it when they do not get enough sleep and then it starts showing on their face. People using tobacco are studied to be restless and lack good night sleep. So naturally when you experience nicotine withdrawal at night you lack shut-eye, and it makes you turn and toss. This is when you wake up with baggy under eyes and even dark circles for that matter.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition that is related to the skin and can happen to a non-smoker as well. However, for people who use tobacco; increase their chances of this disease to a great level. According to the study done in the year 2007, if someone smokes a pack on a daily basis for almost 10 years, then the risk of it increases to 20%. If taken for 20 years, then the risk is 60% higher,

  • Icky teeth

Everyone wants Hollywood like set of dazzling choppers, don’t they? And the person addicted to tobacco can kiss this dream away forever. The nicotine in the cigarette stains your teeth giving you a very yellowish smile, which would be such a turn off for someone who doesn’t smoke. Also, why spend so much on the teeth whitening process?

  • Premature wrinkles and ageing

Wrinkles could be anything but acceptable when appears at a young age. It is such a wise decision to give up tobacco, solely for this reason. Experts say that smokers look 1.5 years much older to non-smokers, as the tobacco hampers the supply of blood to skin tissues which then fails to keep the skin healthy and supple.

  • Yellow fingers

First the yellow teeth and now the fingers! It notoriously affects your nails and fingers. If you look up for ways to get rid of that colour then you might come across with solutions that involve bleach, lemon juice and even steel wool scrub-ouch. Isn’t it less painful and easier to quit.

  • Hair thinning

The study states that toxic chemicals of tobacco damages the DNA present in the hair follicles and also generate the free radicals damaging cells. What’s the consequence? Grey and thinner hair! The risk of getting bald also goes up!

  • Natural glow ceases to exist

The gray appearance, gauntness, wrinkles etc starts becoming quite evident after a while, as the oxygen in the body is replaced by carbon monoxide which in turn decreases the blood flow leading to discoloured and dry skin. Tobacco also depletes nutrients like vitamin C, which helps in repairing and protecting skin damage.

Other disadvantages of smoking also include, warts, flabby tummy, stretch marks, cataracts, scarring and more. So you know what’s better!

What Exactly Happens When One leaves Tobacco

What Exactly Happens When One leaves Tobacco?

Smoking and tobacco releases innumerable chemicals in one’s body. The damage is not only done to the lungs of a person but also their heart and body structures. Although you’ve been a victim of this habit for years on end, you can also reverse its effects and experience a healthy life yet again, just when you decide to give it up. Check out how you can live amazing once again by not being a slave to your addiction anymore.

  • After 20 minutes of smoking tobacco

You start getting the positive result just after 20 minutes of your last puff. A person’s pulse and blood pressure start returning to it’s normal levels. Moreover, bronchial tubes that contains fibers use to move in a restricted manner because of the smoke exposure, begins moving again. This is largely beneficial to your lungs, which reduces the infection risk for them.

  • After 8 hours of smoking tobacco

After these many hours, your level of carbon monoxide returns back to more normal range. Carbon monoxide happens to be a chemical which a cigarette consist, and this chemical replaces itself with oxygen particles present in blood, naturally lowering the quantity of oxygen that the tissues receive. As soon as the oxygen increases, your tissues and blood vessels are nourished.

  • After 24 hours of smoking tobacco

By going a day without it, you have actually decreased the heart attack risks. As the constriction of arteries and veins are reduced and the oxygen functioning is also boosted. And by this time the nicotine level in the bloodstream is decreased to almost negligible amounts.

  • After 48 hours of smoking tobacco

By this time, the damaged nerves begin to grow. One might also realise the difference on how the senses were earlier dulled down due to tobacco, starts to improve. You start tasting and smelling things in a better way.

  • After 72 hours of smoking tobacco

After almost 3 days of being without tobacco makes you realise that you are breathing in an easier manner. This becomes possible because of the bronchial tubes in the lungs start to open up and relax, making the exchange of air between oxygen and carbon dioxide easier. Moreover, the capacity of your lugs to hold up air increases.

  • After a week or so

This time period is crucial to attain in order to determine your long term success. If you have reached this stage, then congratulate yourself as your chances of quitting tobacco have increased.

  • After two weeks

You not only breathe but even walk smoothly, as a result of improved oxygenation and circulation. The function of your lungs also increases up to 30%.

  • After 3 months

Women who stay away for 3 months, improves their fertility level and reduces the chances of having premature baby. They also experience heightened energy overall.

  • After 1 year

You get to see immense improvement in functioning and capacity of your lungs. Will have less coughing and less chemicals will be found in the body. Sounds fresh, doesn’t it. So why not kill all the cells that may harm you in the future by staying steadfast in your goal, and being as good as a non-smoker again.

Vape Mods And Pod Mods, What Is The Differnce?

The progression of vaping and vaping gadgets has come a long way. It is pronounced today where we see there are different kinds of e-juices and vaping devices that are being presented in the market.

If you have ever questioned about the distinction between vape mods and pod mods, you’re not the very first one to do that!

What Are Vape Mods?

Vaping Gadgets

Those large and more significant vaping gadgets that you see with all sort of buttons to manage different things like power, temperature level, and so on are all vape mods.

Vapor Production

They are normal today. These gadgets offer exceptional vapor production and have developed from vape pens. They are a more prominent, advanced, and more effective variation of vape pens.

Mechanical Vape Gadgets

These mechanical vape gadgets utilize e-liquids and are excellent for sub-ohm vaping. In case, you are questioning what sub-ohm vaping is, it is a vaping that is done on lower power or resistance.

What are Pod Mods?

Pod mods are electronic cigarettes that utilize refillable or nonreusable pods. There is no tank or coil. Instead, some pods resemble cartridges that you can place into the gadget, and you are excellent to go!

Their primary function is ease of usage and offering excellent benefit to the vapers.


  • They utilize different items for vaping
  • Vape mods utilize e-liquids whereas pod mods mainly utilize nicotine salts. A lot is stated about using nicotine salts in the last few years.

There are some apparent advantages of utilizing both the nicotine slats and e-liquids.

  • Vape mods are developed to supply sub-ohm vaping, which provides enormous vape clouds to the vapers. You might discover such vapes harsher on your throat.
  • Pod mods, on the other hand, usage nicotine salts that are less acidic. They are the gadgets that help with more considerable nicotine material as well as smoother throat hits.

They serve a different function.

  • Vapers who enjoy going after clouds utilize vape mods. Different control includes supplied by the gadget enables the vapers to manage and tailor the settings of their vape to get optimal quantities of vapor.
  • Pod mods are perfect for those who are brand-new to vaping and are attempting to give up cigarette smoking.

Expense factors to consider

  • Vape mods can be rather costly, given that they have numerous functions that enable the users to personalize their vape. They are bulkier and more massive and have complicated settings.
  • This is the reason they are the very first option of vapers in their preliminary stage.

I hope now you can distinguish in between the two kinds of gadgets. Which one fits you the very best, is something that is hugely subjective to you. It is recommended to make that choice after thoroughly looking into about it.